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Samuel Unicomb
Postdoc in applied mathematics
University of Limerick

My research interests lie in the area of complex systems and networks, where my focus is on developing mathematical models of information diffusion over networks. More broadly, I have an interest in scientific and mathematical computing, as well as numerical methods.

I have a background in physics, from my days at UNSW, Sydney, with a leaning towards the statistical and computational variety. My PhD is in computer science, from ENS Lyon.

News and events
  • 09.03.2021. Our recent paper in Nature Communications, coauthored with James Gleeson, Márton Karsai and Gerardo Iñiguez has been included in the applied physics and mathematics editors' highlights
  • 01.02.2021. I have joined the excellent MACSI at the University of Limerick, Ireland
Upcoming and recent presentations
  • 12.05.2021. I gave a talk at the UCL Financial Computing and Analytics seminar
  • 07.05.2021. I gave a talk at the MACSI departmental seminar
  • 23.03.2021. I gave a short talk at MACSI as part of the SIM talk series
  • 30.05.2019. I gave a lightning talk at NetSci 2019 in Burlington, Vermont

ENS Lyon
UNSW Sydney
  • 2015. Course design for PHYS1160, an online introduction to physics and astronomy.
Published research papers
  • Dynamics of cascades on burstiness-controlled temporal networks.
    Samuel Unicomb, Gerardo Iñiguez, James P. Gleeson, Márton Karsai.
    Nature Communications, 2021.

  • Reentrant phase transitions in threshold-driven contagion on multiplex networks.
    Samuel Unicomb, Gerardo Iñiguez, János Kertész, Márton Karsai.
    PRE, Rapid Communications, 2019.

  • Threshold-driven contagion on weighted networks.
    Samuel Unicomb, Gerardo Iñiguez, Márton Karsai.
    Scientific Reports, 2018.

  • Threshold driven contagion on complex networks.
    Samuel Unicomb.
    ENS Lyon, 2020.
    paper pdf